Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do You Like Nike Shoes?

No matter where you go, you should wear comfortable shoes, because this can protect your feet very well.
There are so many kinds of shoes, then which kind is your best? My favorate brand is nike. You know nike shoes are quite expensive, but after you wore them, you will find the nike shoes are worth for the money.
They are suitble for your feet, and if you are walking long time, they also make your feet very easy.
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clean The House

Through the ages, people make the celebration activities more and more colorful. Every year, from the last twelfth moon of the lunar calendar to the Spring Festival’s Eve, people called the period “Welcome The Spring”, and also called the “ Sweep Day”. We clean the house before the Spring Festival, and this is the traditional customs of our country.
This signified that you sweep away the bad thing of the last year and also prepare for welcome the good thing of the new coming year.

Meanings of Spring Festival

When the Spring Festival comes, it means that the spring will be come, and the all things are recovery, the grass and the trees renewal. The new season of seeding is starting again. People expecting the day that flowers begin to bloom after the frozen and cold winter. So when the new year comes, naturally welcome the day dancing and singing happily.
If you are chinese, I am sure you had shared this happy time before. And the atmosphere is lively year after year.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Introduction Of Spring Festival

The first day of the first lunar month is known as the Chinese New Year. And it is also called Lunar Year. Commonly it is named “Guo Nian”. This is the most grand and the busiest tradinational day among the people. The history of the Spring Festival is very long, and it began from the period of the Shang times which was a kind of activity that pay for the god and ancestors in the beginning of the year and in the end of the year. According to the lunar calendar of our country, the first day of the lunar was called Yuan Dan, Yuan Chen, Yuan Zheng, Yuan Suo, Yuan Dan and so on. That is lunar new year’s day. Then in the republucan period, it was changed in to the gregorian calendar. The Jan 1st of the Gregorian calendar was called new year’s day. And called the Jan 1st of the lunar calendar as Spring Festival.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come From The Spring Festival!

No matter you are the chinese or the foreigners, you must know the big important day of China, this is Spring Festival!
This year we have the day on the Feb 14th of the 2010, and also it is the valentine’s day in the western countries.
Two significant days meet together, we can’t say it is amazing. In our China, we spent this day with our big family, and we have a family part together, but in western, the lovers spent the day togher and they expressed their love to each other.
We both share the day happily.

Nice To Meet You Here!

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