Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Weather In China

When I saw the broadcast, I know that it is so drought in the south of China? And people nearly have no water?
This is April, but it is so cold, and I still wear my Snowfly and my nike high sb dunk. I don’t know why it is so cold. Some one say it is the result that people destory the nature. I also think it is reasonable. People never cherish the earth. They polluted her so much. She nearly can’t bear this.
I hope everyone can love our earth, and do things that useful fo her. She is our big family, we have the responsibility to protect her.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Men’s MBT Shoes

This men’s shoes have their cons mainly the price and the issue of no proper research to verify the claims from the company.
In fact there are more improvements for wearing the MBT shoes such as toning the legs and buttocks, alleviating back pain as well as knee and foot. So, you should consider many things such as your condition and money if you want to wear MBT sport shoes.
But no matter which kind of shoes you buy, you should consider many thing so that you can buy the satisfied shoes.
If you spend a big money on one pair of real brand shoes, then it worth for you to do this.

Nike Air Rift Men’s Cheap Shoes

As the world’s largest Nike Air Rift resource we know everything there is to know about those strange split toe ninja shoes otherwise known as the Nike Air Rift.
Originally designed for the Kenyan Running team who wanted a shoe that felt like they were running bare foot, this minimalist upper features a split toe that’s offers runners a more barefoot feel, engineered for superior fit and moisture-wicking ability. Articulated upper/midsole forefoot enables the foot to work more naturally, enhancing balance, control, and power. A pair of special Rift socks is included in each box.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Snow In March

Yesterday here we had the big snow, it was so big as I didn’t see in last year. Although it has being the spring time, but here the weather is still a little cold. With the big snow yesterday, the temperature dropped several degree. Today it is very cold and also a strong wind.
I asked my friend, a lot of them said they also had the snow yesterday.
Wow, white snow is very nice. I like. I think this is the last snow in this spring. And after the snow, the grass will come out, and the trees will braird. Then the world will change into a green world.
I expect the green world here.
At that time I will go for a walk in the country spring wearing my nike shoes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Total Air In Nike

This is called Suburban Air, and it also is the enhanced edition for the max air. The area of the air max is much more large. And it cover the whole floor. The fuction is the same as the max air. This kind of tecnology are usely in running shoes, basketball shoes more often.
The basketball player Yan Ming enter into the NBA, and the last shoes he wore is this kind of shoes.
You can buy one pair of nike shoes to feel the real technology. It is really nike shoes when you are wearing them.

Buy Shoes Through The Internet

About a few days ago, I bought one pair of women nike shoes. At first, I am worried about it very much. I thought I would be cheated by the other sellers. And again I telephoned the seller to confirm my shoes, they told me very kindly. Then I put my heart at rest.
Yesterday I received my shoes in time. When I opened the box, I was very happy. The shoes is the same as I ordered in the internet. And I checked the quality, and it is also very good.
I like it very much. Next time I will buy another too. It can save a lot of time for me, at the same time I can do other thing use the time.
If you still don’t have time to go to the market, then you can go to the internet, maybe you can find the thing you want.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Is Max Air?

This is also belong to nike air max. The original style of it is like a “U”, then it developed into the Air Max 2, which has more inclosed air rooms, and also it has tube Max Air.
It has more section, and more pressure. The low pressure area is 5PSI, and the high pressure area is 25PSI. It has very strong the ability of bradyseism, so it can offer the protection for your feet, even for your knee-joint.
The cost is it will lose mobility.
So it used more for the player inside lane.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Popular Nike Shoes

When you put the word “ popular nike shoes” in the internet, you will find so many kinds of website that can offer you the shoes. But here you should take care of about this.
Maybe you will cheat by them. But lot of shose website are good for you to choose your shoes. I also buy shoes in the internet. I like nike shoes very much, sometime when I didn't find the time to go to the shop of nike, I will buy them in the internet.
And this can save a lot of time for me. Also it is has the rise to buy shoes there, but this is not meet often.
I hope everyone can use their time reasonable. Because this time we are so busy that we should arrang the time well.

Beautiful White Snow

Here in China, we meet another big snow. It is flowing all the day. The world change into the white suddenly. I like snow very much, they make me have a good mood, also I think it is so pure that I like it so nice.
I don’t know if you also can enjoy the happiness from the snow. I heart from my friend that if you are in the south of the China, you may will can’t enjoy the white snow. I think it is so pity.
When we had the snow, and also when I had the free time, I will play with the snow. We make the snowman, and play snowball. The white snow really can give me so much happy.
I hope everyone can like the snow as me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nike Meet Your Every Need

No matter when you go, the feet is the tool you must use, but if they are not protected well, then they cann’t show the fuction of them.
Then what can make them do well for the people? That is the shoes, shoes can offer the feet better protection, so that feet can give you more furthue walk or run.
Now you should know what can protect your feet, you also should choose the nike brand shoes. To me, I choose nike, you know nike is a big brand and it really offer the nice service for people. People like them very much.
You can have a try about the nike tn.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nike Men’s chaussures

Everyonw know that the most of the nike shoes are designed for the men. There are contain the nike running shoes, nike basketball shoes,nike tennes shoes and so on.
Men also choose nike shoes, because they are really good shoes, and also they are quite comfortable. When people wear nike shoes, their feet are protected very well.
If you are a activity one, then you should choose nike men’s shoes more. Yes, the price is high, but you can meet you needs in nike. And you can buy the satisfied products, then do you still have the complain?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nike Women Shoes

Although nike didn’t design many styles for women, nike designed the best style for women.
As I know, the nike shoes for women are very beautiful and comfortable. They are designed according to the women’s like and dislike. The designers of nike made the women’s shoes after thousands of experences. They make promise to produce the best shoes for people.
So you just wear the nike chasusures with the heart at test.
Try you will find it is worth.